Tourism is a promising industry in the 21st century.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourists in the world has been increasing every year and it reached 1.087 billion in 2013, with total revenues of 1.159 trillion U. S. dollars. The number of foreign tourists to Japan has also been increasing and it reached 10 million in 2013. Tourism is thus considered to be a promising industry.


International tourism affords a lot of business opportunities and challenging jobs.

The recent world-wide increase in the number of people who enjoy travelling in a country different from their own in history and culture brings various problems and issues, along with a lot of business opportunities. Tourism business can attain great success by producing and providing innovative goods and services so as to give tourists greater satisfaction. Your work can be well worth doing if you put all your ingenuity into your tourism business.


How can you prepare to work in the tourism industry?

In order to run an interesting and successful business in tourism and to develop flexible attitudes and unique ideas, one must be free from existing ways of thinking and conceptual frameworks. In order to grasp the needs of tourists, it is essential to adopt their viewpoint. It is important to be creative and devise goods and services in accordance with tourists’ needs. For instance, how might you respond to a person who says this?: "I'm physically weak and find it hard to do this myself, but I want to go to Antarctica."


What you can learn as a tourism major

The tourism major prepares students to be creative professionals in tourism business by offering a wide range of courses in a systematic manner which are intriguing and comprehensible to them. We encourage students to learn the basic knowledge about tourism and to raise their ability to think about and work in the tourism industry.

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