Admission Policy

The Faculty of Contemporary Society asks for those who are willing to find and solve problems in contemporary society and actively participate in creation of the future;
students such as:

  • those who are highly interested in sustainable development of regional society with tourism policies and tourism industries that are considerate of and friendly to humans and the environment;
  • those who have a great interest in acquiring expertise on environmental issues and abilities to engage themselves in creation of an enriched environment in an organization in their regional area; and
  • those who are highly interested in making contributions to the sustainable development of regional society and organizations by making use of information and communication skills and working out innovative ways of business administration.

Curriculum Policy

We educate all our students to acquire basic academic competence and practical expertise in order to be active in the future in various fields in society.

General Education

Our general education has these major characteristics:

Major Studies

We educate students to acquire basic expertise in the major field of their choice and also to become familiar with the other major fields in our curriculum by making some courses (e.g., introductory courses) required.

General Education

Approach to coexistence and symbiosis
Basics of Communication
Basics of Philosophy
Human Life Science
Basics of Mathematics
Health and Sports
Liberal arts of special course
Issues of Contemporary Society
The Constitution of Japan
Fundamental Study of Law
Basics of Economics
Basics of Business Management
Toyama Regional Studies

Approach to trend of the times
Business Information Practicum I
Business Information Practicum II
Presentation Skills
Basic English I
Basic English II
Business English
Chinese I
Chinese II
Korean I
Korean II
Russian I
Russian II
Practical English I
Practical English II
French I
French II
Special Course in Foreign Language I
Special Course in Foreign Language II
Oral Communication
Business English

Practical Subjects
Career Designing
Business management
Career Planning and Support Program
Training in Practical Business I
Training in Practical Business II
Training in Basics of Accounting I
Training in Basics of Accounting II
Freshman Seminar I a
Freshman Seminar I b
Sophomore Seminar II a
Sophomore Seminar II b

Japanese Language for Foreign Students

Basic Japanese I
Basic Japanese II
Practical Japanese I
Practical Japanese II

Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Advanced Japanese I
Advanced Japanese II

Integrated Japanese I
Integrated Japanese II

Common Courses for Major Studies

Basic subjects
Introduction to Contemporary Society
Environment, Society, Company and Ethics

Regional Advancement
Practical Training in Regional Advancement
Regional Society
Regional Culture
Regional problem exploration
Local Self-Government Law

International Exchange
International Cooperation/International Volunteering
Practical Training in International Exchange
International Relations
Exchanges with Asian Countries and Regional Advancement
International Law
Japanese Society and Culture
Cross-cultural Study Abroad Programs
International Programs (long-term)
International Programs (short-term)

Major Studies in Tourism

Introduction to Tourism
Tourism in Toyama
Tourism Geography
History of Japanese Tourism
International Communication
Theory of World Heritage
Ethnic and Cultural Tourism
Tourism English
Tourism Chinese
Tourism Field Investigation and Analysis
Theory of Tourist Resources
Theory of Tourism Area and Business Management
Tourism Product Planning
Tourism Business

International Tourism
Travel Agency Business
Service in Tourism
Regional Community and Tourism
Urban Tourism
Hotel Industry
Theory of Regional Tourism
Tourism and Commuting
Practical Training in Tourism
Major Seminar I a
Major Seminar I b
Major Seminar II (including Graduation Thesis)

Major Studies in Environmental Designing

Introduction to Environmental Designing
Living Environment I (Clothes and Living Environment)
Environmental Sociology
Basics of Environment Practicum
Life and the Water Environment
Life and the Water Environment Practicum
Living Environment II (Residential Designing)
Living Environment Practicum
Food and Environment
Global Environment (Natural Environment) Theory
Ecology (including Biotope Studies)
Biomass and Environment
Biomass and Environment Practicum
Environmental Measurements
Resources and Energy

Consumer Environment
Environmental Policy
Environmental Economics
Environmental Management (CSR)
Environment and Law
Urban Space Designing
Special Lecture on Environmental Designing
Practical Training in Environmental Designing
Major Seminar I a
Major Seminar I b
Major Seminar II (including Graduation Thesis)

Major Studies in Business Administration and Information Science

Introduction to Business Management & Information Science
Economics in Japan
Small and Medium Enterprises
Securities Market Theory
Financial Science
Theory of Startup Companies
Information Society
Information and Law
Management Strategy
Distribution Channels
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Research
E-Business Theory
Business Management Organizations

Business Analysis
Corporate Accounting
Computer Accounting
Information Systems
Image Processing
Information Networks
Operations Research
Training Course for Business Management Certification
Practical Training in Business Management
Major Seminar I a
Major Seminar I b
Major Seminar (including Graduation Thesis)

Major Studies in International Career Development

Introduction to International Career Development
Introduction to International Career
Creative Writing
Academic Writing Ⅰ
Academic Writing Ⅱ
Advanced Reading Ⅰ
Advanced Reading Ⅱ
Business Englsh
English Literature
Presentaion and Debate

International Relations (Advanced Course)
Intercultural Symbiosis
International Journal
Global Studies
International Career (Special Lecture)
International Business
International Cooperation
International Negotiation
Major Seminar I a
Major Seminar I b
Major Seminar (including Graduation Thesis)

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