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Educational aims

The Faculty of Child Development and Education aims to enable students to make contributions to their local communities and regional areas for the well-being of children. For this purpose, we educate students to acquire a wide range of knowledge and intellectual culture, which are necessary for them to actively lead their lives in contemporary society, and also to nurture both the spirit of learning and the professional abilities in these major fields of our education: childcare, school education, and social welfare.

Children are the hope for the future and their sound growth is essential for the development of local communities and regional areas. We expect our students to act as competent professionals in the future, using their practical and professional abilities, cooperating with children's families and their local communities, and responding to the social needs of the times ahead.


A systematic approach to child development and its social environment

Our education is systematic in several ways. One is to view the growth of children as a continuum from infancy to school age. This leads to the need for cooperative work between day nurseries, kindergartens, and elementary schools. The other is to understand the interaction between children and people around them, such as their families, local communities and society at large. In order to build a better and healthier environment in which children can grow up, it is necessary to deal with problems and issues arising in the present-day society. Still another is to incorporate the theory and practice of social welfare into those of childcare and elementary school education. With these basic frameworks of our approaches to child development and education, students learn to help children to grow up.

Practical and professional education with maximum positive learning effects

The curriculum of the Faculty of Child Development and Education properly incorporates certificate programs in childcare, kindergarten education, elementary school education and social work. It offers ample opportunities for field experience, as students visit and work in actual places outside the university and gain practical training conducted in those workplaces related to childcare, education, and social welfare.

Learning from local communities and regional areas

Toyama Prefecture is well known nationwide as one of the advanced prefectures in the fields of childcare, school education, and social welfare. We encourage students to actively learn about these fields from the abundant resources available in this prefecture.

Excellent facilities for practical training and education

The Faculty of Child Development has a super modern building with various facilities for training and education, such as lecture rooms, offices of the teaching staff, music rooms (including those for piano lessons), art and craft rooms, and a child health care room. Toyama College (which is a two-year college with a department of early childhood education) and its attached kindergarten are on our campus, which also makes an excellent educational environment for our students.

I want to teach children!
I want to take care of little children!

Students can enroll in a certificate program in elementary school education to obtain the highest level of qualification for the profession of elementary school teacher. TUINS is the only private university in Toyama that offers this certificate program.

I want to support children for their well-being!

Students can also enroll in certificate programs in day nursery childcare and in kindergarten education. Many of our students are inspired to be a childcare giver.

I want to support children for their well-being!

When students complete a certificate program in social work, they will be qualified to take a national examination for social worker. Students from our faculty have shown a considerably high passing rate in the national examination.


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