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Educational aims

The Faculty of Contemporary Society educates students for the 21st century to have international sensibility, sufficient knowledge about their regional areas, and practical abilities to think and act properly in response to the currents of the times.


“glocal society” where international and local/regional features coexist

The curriculum of the Faculty of Contemporary Society consists of basic general education offered only at university and practical major studies in three important fields for contemporary society: tourism, environmental designing, and business administration & information science. It is aimed at nurturing human resources and practical abilities required in what might be called "glocal society" where international and local/regional features coexist, through educating students to acquire a wide range of knowledge for proper understanding of the times and practical expertise in the major fields.


Making contributions to local and regional society

Living in glocal society requires both international sensibility and understanding of one's regional area. The Faculty of Contemporary Society nurtures these abilities by encouraging students to participate in various regional and international contributory activities.

Developing practical expertise

We nurture practical abilities for working members of society through offering a wide range of courses in information technology and practical business, and practical training courses in each major field.

Helping students to obtain official qualification

We also encourage and help students to obtain official qualifications such as the National Examination for Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisors, Qualification for Interior Coordinator, Qualification in Retail Sales, Test in Bookkeeping by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and so on. Some of these qualifications can be obtained by completing designated courses in our curriculum.

Teaching staff from various public and private workplaces

Many of our teaching staff have past experience working at a government organization, a consulting agency, a research organization, or an enterprise. They offer intriguing content in their courses, and educate students to acquire the kind of knowledge that is useful for working in society.

Business Management && Information Science

Environmental Designing

Business Management && Information Science

International Career Development

Business Management && Information Science

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