Your dreams will come true!

What would you like to be? You may have hopes to work in various businesses or to start your own business, but you may think these hopes will be hard to realize. We would like to say to you, "It is not as difficult as you might expect." There are many kinds of knowledge and methods which are commonly needed for different businesses. The business administration and information science major guides you into such knowledge and methods. If you learn them and have great enthusiasm, you can make your dream come true.


We offer a lot of courses with special characteristics.

In various aspects of business administration, such as developing and manufacturing goods, marketing, and raising funds, it is necessary to make proper judgments and to exercise daring. In order to prepare themselves to be business people with advanced skills, students learn to make full use of computer skills and statistical data to make decisions and acquire techniques and methods to work out new ideas. Through practical experience, like group work and internship, students also develop abilities to create new business opportunities, to make proposals, and to influence an organization and people working there. We offer various courses to fulfil these learning needs of our students.


Our curriculum for business majors is systematically constructed.

Within our curriculum students can learn step by step various basic knowledge required in society and more professional knowledge and skills. Four-year instruction enables students to develop basic abilities for working members of society (i.e., acting, thinking, cooperating, and making use of information) and practical ideas and techniques. Lecture, seminar, and training courses are interrelated in our curriculum so as to have maximum positive learning effects.


We help students to obtain qualifications.

We encourage and assist students to obtain useful qualifications:
* Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
* Qualification in Retail Sales
* Test in Bookkeeping by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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