Starting with everyday matters

Environmental problems such as global warming have become more and more serious, and, therefore, governments, enterprises/corporations/companies, and citizens need to work together to build an environmentally sustainable society. The environmental designing major educates students to properly understand how their daily lives and familiar matters are related to environmental problems and to work out practicable solutions to the problems.


Meeting social needs

The curriculum for environmental designing majors consists of three key elements: 1) everyday familiar matters related to the human living environment; 2) various information and issues concerning nature and the global environment; and 3) measures taken to solve these issues and problems in order to develop a sustainable social system. Through focusing on these three aspects of environmental studies in a comprehensive manner, we prepare students to make contributions to the creation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.


Nurturing practical abilities through field experience

We give students opportunities to learn to solve problems actually taking place in their local communities, with the guidance of their teachers, as well as chances to make field trips to learn about some of the advanced measures that have been taken by local governments, local communities, and enterprises/corporations/companies. Through these field experiences students acquire practical abilities to solve environmental problems.



Students are encouraged to take these tests to obtain qualifications:

  • Certification Test for Environmental Specialists [Eco Test]

  • The Official Business Skill Test in Color Coordinating (3rd & 2nd grades)

  • Certification Test for Housing Environment Coordinator for Elderly and Disabled People (3rd and 2nd grades)

More challenging ones:

  • Qualification in Management for Environmental Pollution Control and Prevention

  • Examination for Interior Coordinators


Career education

Many graduates of the environmental designing major are working at various companies. Among them are Toyama Manten Hotel, OARKS, Hokuriku Electricity Information Service, Sugino Machine, and Toyama First Bank. Some are engaged in public service at police stations, fire stations, and city halls in Toyama Prefecture. Still others are learning at graduate schools. With caring activities for each individual student, we help all students to develop their own career goals and to find full-time jobs.

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